Keep On Moving….

It’s incredible to me how quickly life moves without consideration for our level of self-awareness or regard to our maturity. It has been five years since I entered recovery ❤️‍🩹. I wanted to help others as I was helped, both with substance use and mental health issues. Completion of a second master’s degree was imperative. Then the focus shifted as I spent as much time over the past year caring for my dad until his passing. After he was gone, my next goal was to find employment and work toward my LCDC license.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a position at a local mental health and addiction counseling organization. I fell behind the curve of required training as I was overwhelmed with online modules required by the state as well as by the company. I was starting to catch up on all of it when suddenly, out of nowhere, a pickup truck T-boned my compact car totaling both vehicles and injuring my back and shoulder.

I suffered a mild concussion too and about two weeks afterwards, my back went into spasm which caused me to be out on leave to address. Meanwhile my blessed children are successful in their endeavors, their careers and relationships. I have so much to be grateful for, including my partner who loves me and takes good care of me. What is the point of pain—as an experience???

My head whispers “growth” while my soul cries “empathy, compassion…appreciation!” All of life is seeking balance, peace, understanding and acknowledgment. There is no good without bad/evil…no freedom without restraint, no humanity without inhumanity. The light in the world fades to darkness and loneliness without love and light, hope and longing for spiritual enlightenment—the desire to be closer to our creator. But on we go.

In the interim, peace, love and blessings to all. And feel free to email: nmrecoveryhope@protonmail.com

We cannot live in or change the past, we must strive to witness each moment in our lives as a teaching moment. I struggle to reach my bootstraps these days, but I still pick myself up and move forward. Always ending each new lesson learned by thanking my God for the opportunity to grow. Death may be our graduation from this existence to begin the next.

If you’re having tough experiences, try to hold this perspective no matter how painful the experience. In the words of the great Diana Ross, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place…if you can.”

In the interim, peace, love, blessings and growth to all. Email any comments to recoveryhope@protonmail.com

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