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Ashes to Ashes…

My father died three weeks ago and I was with him thankfully. He suffered in pain for the last month of his life, but once returned to his own home, he started hospice and passed away within a couple of days at home. It was good for me to experience death in a natural way again.

I also carry the traumatic memories of him begging for someone to ease his suffering and will never forget that. I hope and pray that I don’t get cancer like that, but the good thing that resulted from his terminal illness was that he reunited his children and family. We worked together to provide his home care.

His body was cremated and sent to the Neptune Society for sea burial, a small amount held back for shipment to my brother to arrange for burial of rest of the ashes in my hometown in the cemetery next to our mother. We will have a celebration of his life afterwards.

School is on hold until after June…so is working somewhere waiting for all this stuff to be grieved first though. Please feel free to share your own traumatic experiences through the link in the website.

I have spent the better part of October through May postponing school due to wanting to be with my dad. I will jump back in soon. In the meantime I am trying to cope with the business of death. Prepared as best I could.

Want to travel soon as it’s safe to do so. So far I have seen several lakes and one ocean on the Gulf coast of Texas. It was relaxing and peaceful.

Thanks to anyone reading and peace, blessings, and love to all who visit this site. Thanks be to God, Creator, Lord of all.

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