And the Winner is…

As I always try to mention, it’s crucial to face upward whenever you hit the ground—for any reason. I have been struggling with health issues and lost employment and trying to decide my next steps forward rather than just wallowing in self pity. Health issues hit everyone nowadays but age contributes and that’s another dangerous trap to avoid.

Notice how the more famous celebrities who are exiting this life are Boomers? Concurrently, this triggers besides grief, the “clock is running out/ticking down “ attitude, which if one is not careful, can lead to a “mid-life, no-life, end-of-life “ crisis! To defeat the trap, take a step forward. I’m bothered by the professional belief that most addicts are Borderline Personality Disorders who lack impulse control and continue to struggle with decision making. It’s not impulsive depending on your perspective and how much time you spent weighing your options before you decide, right?

Since I am writing this post, and I try to be honest and transparent about my life, my example was that I had several choices: file for unemployment while dealing with my health issues, get my LCDC License exam done, go back to school (yet again), get another job as an intern right away.

After using my amazing kids as a sounding board and getting their input, I decided BACK TO SCHOOL I GO (for the 5th time) but it’s the most efficient path to my goal of being a fully licensed working counselor. So I will add a post graduate certificate to my academic resume. I have to say, making the decision forward made me feel so motivated and unburdened. Of course it helps that my partner supports me in this and every endeavor (although I will bear the financial burden because I don’t like anyone paying for my academic steps forward).

So what’s my point? Life is an ongoing learning, growing, witnessing of loving, painful, scary, curious adventure…you can’t afford to miss a moment of it. Don’t wait too long to stand up again. Look at the road ahead…it may have forks in an intricate branching out pattern, but consider what will bring you nearest to joy in your life. As the awesome group Foreigner said: “That was yesterday, but today life goes on, no more hiding in yesterday’s world, cuz yesterday’s gone” (thanks guys I love this song—once a DJ…).

Talk to you as my plan evolves, but in the interim, peace, love and blessings to all.

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