I wish…

There are so many things to be grateful for.  Every time I have thought to sit still and write things, something always distracts me and either I don’t finish it, or I  lose my post.

I am happy most of the time . Other times I am sad. But give myself permission to dwell only for a short time.

In a new town, a new life. Just learning how to share my thoughts with a non-believer who thinks I am crazy for my spiritual and  political beliefs. Won’t bore you with the details; suffice it to say it have my work cut out for me.

I just smile and give a kiss and send out loving vibes and pray to the God of my understanding to reveal Himself in a powerful way to him.

With there being so much discord and hate going through our society these days,  I feel that the only true recourse to combat it is love and positivity. Also, my family plans to get together for the holidays.  I am really torn up about deciding not to join them for fear of spreading the COVID19 virus,  because I am at risk as is my elder partner, and my dad who’s going on 87. He really wants us all to be together at Christmas and I hate to disappoint him,  but would feel worse if I brought the virus from traveling to him, or caught it from him or one of the other family members who are traveling from different states to get together and my partner got it.

It’s a tough decision to make. Also one of my siblings is not speaking to me due to her misinterpretation of a Facebook post my partner made. It’s her problem now as I have tried to apologize and explain to her that she misunderstood him. Such foolishness. Life is short–especially these days and nothing that petty seems worth grudge collecting over.

If she loves me she will figure this out before it’s too late. I love her regardless from a distance.

I finally retired and am happy with my boyfriend in a new place where I can make a fresh start.

I celebrated my clean birthday on Halloween. 3 years in recovery now.

Will find new meetings to attend. Saying goodbye to my home of 44 years is hard, but I’m trying to stay future focused.

Love, blessings and peace to all….

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