It’s a New World

I have been away from this blog and website for far too long. I can share that I have officially relocated to Texas after being a Los Alamos, New Mexico resident for 45 years. Sold my home, retired from my job at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and moved my life to Marble Falls, Texas. I have real cowboy boots, but as far as a hat goes…well my style is more urban than cowboy.

What happened is that I was juggling transitioning my life to be with another that I love, but this encompassed significant changes in my life. I retired from my job after nearly 30 years. That felt good, but scary at the same time…security became questionable. Then I found out that my age will drive a pension benefit from my late husband; that really comforted me. I love my partner, and was willing to move to be with him as evidence of my love for him. He made a lot of promises to me. Some have been changed and that reinforces my motivation to change my life and walk a different path.

I am ready to begin an internship practicum after I finish my last online eight-week course. I am searching the area around the Hill Country for an opportunity to work and perform my required hours of service.

I hope to be able to be of service to my fellow addicts and all humanity. My bestie just became a minister and she is so excited. It is a great step for her. Personally, I have to discover my own manner of ministry, and that encompasses changes in my life. I know my Higher Power has a plan for me. I am surrounded by men who are really into politics, and much more liberal democrat than this girl can sometimes tolerate, but tolerance IS the message — for EVERYONE now!

Enough with the bickering and back-stabbing; the hatred and violence; the “I Matter More Than You” attitudes. It’s like we all went through the worst divorce in history; that people chose sides and are still pulling out heavy artillery to disagree. I don’t mean to sound bite my own way here, but really, “can’t we all just get along?” If you are against the Republicans and conservative right, stop trying to pick and pick at persons of authority now –you will make Trump a martyr. If you are on the conservative right, or identified with the Republican party until all this crap went down during 2020-21, put your feelings aside and think about the future of your children and grandchildren.

I read a statistic that said that the largest population segment is now the Baby Boomers. People are living longer (pandemic aside), and we need to EVOLVE as a society; as a species!

What have we learned from all of this that is good or will help us move forward? I also read that the new administration will convert the GSA fleet to electric vehicles. That’s great for energy sustainability, but not our most serious problems. Everyone every individual in society matters; demographics mean nothing. I know wealthy people who donate a lot to charity and try to volunteer their time playing music at retirement and nursing homes. I also know people who are REALLY STRUGGLING to make ends meet –their addiction and recovery is in jeopardy, but their very survival is challenged by this history-making inclement weather robbing them of heat and electricity and fresh water, and food. THESE are people we can help to make a difference.

When I moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend, I had all these extra blankets and comforters to bring at the end of the move. I noticed in a recent expedition to explore the Austin area that there are homeless folks camped out under a bridge. I want to take those extra blankets and hand them out. I will try to make this happen next time I go to that city.

My point is, love is a free commodity…we each are blessed with it in some form or fashion. Love is not meant to be hoarded or sold. Give your love away freely…and as often as an opportunity presents itself.

Stay clean -keep coming back, or if you cannot logon to a meeting…call someone! When I get licensed someday soon, I will set up a hotline you can call too.

In the interim…get the sick secrets out in the open, and…peace, love and blessings to all who read this.

Stay safe and well….

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