Isn’t It Time?

I have been so busy trying to figure out my heart and my head and where I want my life to be, that I have neglected this blog site. Apologies, sincerely. It is a game…juggling more priorities than your overwhelmed psyche can manage…but I am good at games. I just don’t have the patience, or the inclination to play them anymore.

I am redefining myself moment by moment. I am changing things I believe, think and feel. I feel it is all for the better -an newer and improved me. The old tapes are still playing in the back of my mind, but the sound of them is fading…I can barely hear them most of the time.

One major lesson for me is my conviction that therapy is necessary and healthy for everyone. The concept I am talking about here. I think that every person should have a relationship with an objective person in a confidential and safe environment, whose job it is to actively listen, reframe, reflect, and basically guide each person through their thoughts and beliefs so that we as individuals can change unhealthy ones and their correlative behaviors to live happier lives and love each other.

I am grateful to have relationships with other counselors who I would also call good friends. They have guided me to self-realizations that have changed my life for the better. I cannot thank them by name here, but I would if I could.

Think about all the things that are bothering you; better yet, write them down. Then find someone you can discuss them with -12-step programs are great for this. Share what you are feeling and thinking. Get some perspective and try not to be reactive -even when you can feel your blood pressure rising or your stomach tighten, or even a lump in your throat. Talk to someone.

You can always share with me. There is a contact email for this site.

Keep stopping to breathe…inhale…exhale…we can make it through it.

And as always, peace, love and blessings to all who read this….

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