We Are Not Alone….

When I was a little girl, my parents took us to Giant Rock out in the Mojave desert for a UFO convention. There were hundreds of people from all walks of life; all disciplines. Everyone was camping out.

We met a man who had designed what he claimed was a time machine. I later met Dan Fry from Roswell who claimed to have had an alien encounter. He stayed at my folks house and gave me a copy of a book of poetry he wrote, and he autographed it for me too.

We went to Giant Rock a few times. We also went to a UFO convention in Tonapah, Arizona. My mom took me to see a woman there who channeled an alien. What a kick she was!

I was raised to believe in God, the Creator, and that we are not alone in the universe. I have seen some truly inexplicable things in my life, but have not had a close encounter.

Although I am in recovery, I think I would have to have a stiff drink after that kind of experience.

In the interim, I have been painting, caulking and redecorating my place. I am keeping quite a busy pace. I am trying to get ahead in school.

If I saw an alien or UFO, I’d ask them to do my homework and take me for a ride 🙂

In the meantime, peace, love, and blessings to all….

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