The Sea of Dis Appointment

I feel like I have drowned in the sea of Dis Appointment and Dat Appointment. I kid you not, it has been doctor appointments one after another for the last ten weeks and I am so burned out on it with no real answer and sick to death of paying medical bills!

To add insult to injury they’re doing construction on the main road out of my town and traffic is a freaking nightmare. So… what did I do?

I went camping in the mountains around me instead. It’s hilarious to try camping at my age unless it’s in a camper, trailer, or a Holiday inn! Like some old Lucille Ball comedy. I was freezing so bad the first night, not dressed nearly warm enough and not enough blankets and I had to wiggle my way off and on the air mattress as it slowly deflated beneath my body.

Then I had to get up and go into the freezing pitch black every hour to pee. I couldn’t see without a flashlight and my cellphone was dead after trying for hours to get a signal and oh yeah… I tripped and almost face planted into the fire pit scraping my hands and knees….

Went home the next day and took a long bubble bath, packed more clothes and blankets and bought snacks and went back for more. I still froze outside in the night but as grungy as I got, I returned home the following day, sunburned and covered with bug bites but strangely peaceful.

Anything is better than the sea of (dis) Appointments.

I feel unhappy about missing meetings and like my recovery program is off track, but in nature I seem to forget about all my stress and worries.

I may even try it again -camping. Next time, I won’t even freak out when a cow comes through and mistake it for a bear.

Peace, Love and blessings on your summer excursions.

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