Work and Work

Well it’s official. I have had my car, whom I lovingly call “Cherry” –vandalized. Someone deliberately keyed my driver’s side door! Don’t know who, when or why.

Meaney-while, went to see my primary for my physical, and my blood pressure and pulse tanked right there in front of him. After an EKG, he took it again and again in different positions and it stayed low low. He now wants me to go to the heart hospital in Albuquerque and get tested for some condition of my heart that he’s concerned about. He also wants a test of my adrenal gland and finally, is pushing me to get the sleep study for apnea done….Does he think I’ve got gold coins coming out of my ass?

All this medical sh*t is prohibitively expensive!

So I took Cherry to get clean at the car wash… and that got me to thinking about my recovery. Is there a car wash for all my bad decisions, choices and sins? Does it all really get washed away by my belief in a higher power???

What if I had to face my mortality soon? …Am I clean enough?

And what about those medical bills? I wouldn’t want to saddle my kids with the burden of using all my life insurance policy money to pay for my death.

Why can’t they have an automatic car wash for your soul? or a button on one that automatically pays for all costs of your demise?

Just wishing and hoping – like the song says.

Peace out

Will let you know when I figure it out…or invent it.

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