I desire many things.  I have learned through a lifetime of experience that some are important and others are not worth having.  What I am learning now is that desire is OUR WILL not our Higher Power’s will.  Our desires are in our human nature and are driven by innate feelings and rationalization/justification.  We see something we want, we decide we need it, deserve it, or don’t want or need it after all.  What about lust?  Driven by hormones and the desire for physical pleasure and gratification?  Well, I could ALWAYS find a way to justify that; or the unwanted –I could certainly justify why NOT.

It started with that little kernel “thou shalt not covet” but I don’t think we were not supposed to desire things in our lives.  It’s okay to want a better job in order to provide, or want someone to love you that you can love back in a big way.  The latter example is what I think it’s all about anyway.

Funny thing about desire though.  It changes as time passes and life marches on.  When you are young, you desire simple things; toys, friends, food, shelter, clothing, your mommy, you know…the basics.  Now though I see toddlers with their own cell phones and iPads.  WTF?  They don’t eat baby food, they eat the most expensive grown up thing on the menu!  I’m serious –I have seen this at 2 years old!  Their desires change very rapidly.

When you are a teenager, you want friends, someone to love, great looks, cool toys like a better phone, computer, iPod, iPad, a car, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter –and all the cool accounts online.  You want the most fashionable clothes, or great music and movies to listen to and watch.  You want Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.  Then why do we have such a high rate of teen suicide?  Look at the first two desires I listed — friends and someone to love.  See?  That desire is ALWAYS THERE.  Unfortunately as you navigate the transition to your young adulthood and say goodbye to your youth, things become more complicated.

Used to be in your 20s and 30s you desired a spouse, a job, kids, a home, an education (not necessarily in that order).  This has changed too.  Fewer young people get married until they are in their 40s and have had a chance to explore life and find employment.  Statistics say that 80% of students drop out of college after the first year.  So what are they doing instead?  The complicated part is that the lines have been blurred in the desire for love and the desire for lust.  Trying to date electronically via online dating profiles, text messages, Instagrams, tweets, etc., there is no human interaction going on like it once did.  People create a false online profile, and you may think you like someone or even love someone, but they may just want sex from you.  What a scary crazy time we live in!

You want less in your 40s and 50s, just security and a happy life to share with someone.  Good health becomes very important.  You make adjustments and do the best you can trying not to envy those who appear to have it better than you do.  As we age with experience, we grow up too.  You learn what to desire; you crave knowledge and spirituality.  You still desire love but it is a different kind than what you desired in your 20s and 30s.

At my age I desire to be a better person than I was yesterday.  I desire to cherish my family and friends and not to take anyone for granted.  I desire not to lose anyone I love, although I do not have control over that.  I desire to love and be loved but only if it is in His plan for me.  I desire to learn more.  I desire change and simplicity (a return to my child-like ways?).  I desire to have a meaningful existence and to leave behind a legacy of love and compassion.  I desire peace and serenity.

What do YOU desire?

I desire peace, love and blessings to all who read this….

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