“Instant Gratification Takes too Long”

I am/was/am an avid Carrie Fisher fan; not for the Princess Leia nonsense, but for her humor and wisdom.  The title of this blog is one of her many famous quotes.  I also love where she said “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

This really resonates with me as I am working my first 4th step and writing it all out, wow –I am really holding onto a lot of resentments.  It’s taking a long time and many many pages, but I think it’s important to get that sickness out of me where I can look at it and let it go.

Carrie also said: “I’m very sane about how crazy I am” and “I don’t hate hardly ever, and when I love, I love for miles and miles. A love so big it should either be outlawed or it should have a capital and its own currency.”  –I feel like that about my own self and my own capacity to love. I wonder if I will ever feel that way again with someone or if I just had my one chance at it and blew it forever.  She also said “my heart’s in the right place, cuz I hid it there.”

Yeah, she had a lot to say about being mentally ill that I can really connect to; and she still makes me laugh about my own mental illness.  She talked about being bi-polar a lot and being a survivor: “You know that bad thing about being a survivor -you keep having to get into difficult situations in order to show off your gift”
OMG – this is so ME.

And then there is this favorite quote:

You know how most illnesses have symptoms you can recognize? Like fever, upset stomach, chills, whatever. Well, with manic depression, it’s sexual promiscuity, excessive spending, and substance abuse – and that just sounds like a fantastic weekend in Vegas to me!

This woman was my soul sister I swear!  You really should Google some of her famous quotes.  She battled alcoholism, drug addiction, severe depression, bi-polar disorder and many other things all while maintaining a presence in Tinseltown.  Hollywood fame.  She lived under the shadow of a famous mother and family, she wrote great books, screenplays and acted in dozens of movies, not just Star Wars, but GOOD FOR HER FOR COMING BACK TO IT AT AGE 60 and NOT HAVING PLASTIC SURGERY TO LOOK YOUNGER.  She looked beautiful; the scene where she is hugging Harrison Ford for a long time, that got to me.  It was like two old friends were saying goodbye.
What do YOU think?  Let me know….
Peace, Love and Blessings to all….

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