What Happened to Me?

I remember making dinner Friday night, the next thing I know, I am arguing with a friend about what time I am coming for dinner on Sunday…only it WAS Sunday. I went on Saturday to the valley to pay a bill and then was supposed to go to a picnic.  I have the check that says I paid the bill on Saturday.  Evidently I asked my niece to come change my sheets later that day for which I paid her by check $20 –TWICE.  She said I was walking funny and didn’t make any sense and forgot how to write a check.

Also, I had vomited on my bed.  All I know is that I lost Saturday.  So I canceled Sunday dinner and went to sleep early for a long time.  Got up and went to work Monday but did not feel right at all.  I finally decided to go to the Urgent Care, but when I told my boss, he insisted that he take me there.  So I left my car and went with him wondering if someone somewhere had slipped me something.  Also I did not want to go with him.

The urgent care doctor said my pulse and blood pressure were dangerously low and that I needed to go to the Emergency Room.  He spoke to my boss but not sure what he said.  My boss took me to the ER and they said I was badly dehydrated but were going to do a CT scan anyway and a tox screen.  BOTH CAME BACK NEGATIVE FOR EVERYTHING.

They released me to my boss, but the nurse wrote that I should stay home a day and rest and drink lots of fluids, which I have done all day today.

But it doesn’t explain what happened.  I was acting like a stroke, but no evidence of that on CT other than an old stroke scar on my brain from 2003.  Don’t remember hitting my head either.  Is it possible that I went to the picnic and was dosed?  They said to catch GHB in my system, I would have had to be tested the next day (Sunday).

Nobody believes me that I didn’t take anything.  Why WOULD I?  And if I did… wouldn’t I have gone for my DOC (Drug of Choice)? They would have found painkillers in my system, but as I said, the report says NEGATIVE all the way down, except LOW on calcium.

I am very frustrated about this.  I don’t need the wicked witch at work to have any more ammunition about me –in fact I was supposed to meet with the head shrink at my company to close out my FFD (Fitness for Duty) yesterday.

Any ideas?  Please let me know. There is a contact info link in this site.

Otherwise, peace, love, blessings and good health to all (beware of things handed to you).

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