IN HP We Trust

Can a Normy and an addict have a healthy and loving relationship of trust together? Most programs,  including 12-step like NA, teach that an addict should not get involved for at least a year. So what happens if an addict has been in recovery for several years and gets involved with a non-addict who doesn’t understand the recovery process? How does the addict explain the concept of trust within those parameters?

Those who have followed this blog and are in recovery may understand what I am getting at. What does sobriety or clean time look like to the addict versus the non-addict and how can the addict possibly deal with severe physical pain, without the non-addict thinking they have relapsed? If trust is the basis of every good relationship,  how does the addict get and maintain trust with a non-addict especially when they’re in severe physical pain?

You’ve all heard me preach that pain is good,  but suffering is not.

I have been suffering with a severely painful low back injury.  I have been taking a non-narcotic muscle relaxant that causes drowsiness as a side effect.

My Normy boyfriend interpreted my drowsiness as a sign of relapse.  Where is trust in this scenario? I need to teach him what relapse looks like for me, and that MY version of recovery includes the ability to NOT suffer in pain and allowing for prescribed medications to alleviate severe pain using non-addictive substances.

These are tricky waters. I have always honestly and openly spoken about this issue, but how do I help him understand?

Please share your ideas about this topic with me through this site’s contact email, which is contact@nmrecoveryhope.blog . I need him to trust in and believe in me, but am not sure how to navigate this problem between us.

Many of you may have dealt with something similar with someone you love. Your feedback is appreciated.

Peace, love and blessings to all who read this….

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