Routines and Desires

I watched a webinar on YouTube called “Peers for Chronic Pain: What Lived Experience Can Do To Help the Pain and Opioid Crisis ” The presentation was almost a verbatim description of how my addiction started, with a few obvious exceptions. I also had an injury to my spine which led to fusion surgery and a plethora of high dose narcotic medications. I believe my story is much deeper than that, as you would know from reading this blog post regularly. I intend to write my own book and publish it on Amazon . Check out the webinar because it offers good suggestions to deal with Chronic pain and opioids.

Now, let’s talk about sex. I have become more self aware about my libido and my lifestyle choices. I am used to a routine and sex doesn’t exist for me regularly as I have lived alone as a wwidow for over a decade and now identify as a single person in my experience . Men have only been a distraction, or disappointment. I am reminded of when i first got clean and my desire kicked in hard. Well lately it’s been stronger than usual. Needless to say, I know how to deal with my own aroused self!

But I am practicing self awareness and discovered something surprising. My thoughts crowd my ability to enjoy sexual pleasure so I am studying the underlying reasons.

Is it guilt over grief or is it all about the issue of control? I must resolve it if I am to help others.

I am exploring this in a therapeutic alliance. If you are experiencing something similar or have, please share your thoughts confidentially at the email now attached to this website at contact@nmrecoveryhope.blog

In the interim…

Down for the journey and peace, love, and blessings to all who read this….

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