The Road to Reality

There’s so much commitment and self-discipline involved in achieving your goals…and dreams. I’ve heard so many great lines in the rooms. “Having one foot in the past while having one foot in the future is like pissing on the present.” I bring this up because as addicts we need a reality check every moment of every day. I know my relapse is just waiting for the moment she can take me down. Meanwhile I have recognized that fear and anxiety try to get a hold of me and that’s when my addiction, lurking in the background, begins circling the wagons. I started back and school online and it is more challenging to navigate distance learning, than the content itself.

I am going to have to get a tutor, maybe my favorite niece to show me how to manage the online research libraries. Yikes. I know I can do this and I want this degree and certification so much that I will do whatever I have to in order to learn it.

That’s a generational difference. The instructor looks to be very young too from her picture. I am so surprised and grateful that they have finally brought cheating to the social spotlight. Back when I was a professor myself for a university, I caught one of my students cheating, repeatedly. I tried to fail her but the administration stopped me from imposing any discipline. So I left.

That was over a decade ago. Now that I am a online student, I can see how easy it is for students to have someone else do their work. But again, what’s the point if you aren’t going to learn for yourself. I am thirsty for the knowledge of how to counsel addicts, and determined to succeed.

I’m keeping my NA meeting going, and by the grace of God, be of service in this world. I pray that I will do well at whatever He has planned for me.

I want to research the success of OTPs, Opioid Treatment Programs (like Suboxone and methadone). I want to find the data on their success rates. Will keep you posted. I went off mine for a month to see if I could do without it, but with physical pain interfering and school starting, I decided it best to stay in program until school is over for me. There’s lots on my mind. Time… time is ALWAYS on my mind. Why is there never enough and why does it go so fast? The lesson from that is a key to Life, I imagine.

Until next time though, peace, love and blessings to all, and remember that it’s never too late to follow your dreams….

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