And WHAT a New Year It IS!!!!

Update to my previous blog post – total snowfall from the last storm came to 27 inches!!! I am blessed and grateful to have wonderful neighbors, who literally DUG ME OUT today over the course of three hours! I decided to make a run for groceries, since I missed my IOP appointment in Santa Fe (due to the bad weather) and the doctor would not prescribe my Suboxone without seeing me first.  I was thus rescheduled for an appointment next week and will have to make it without on my own until then.  There are withdrawal type feelings, but I am able to manage anyway.  As I said in a previous post or two, I don’t intend to be on this program forever anyway.

I will have to upload the pictures and post them on this site if I can figure that out soon.  I still have to get registered for school, and am applying for other positions, therefore I have a lot to do to keep myself occupied.  My recovery has taught me to focus on the positive instead of the negative aspects of my life,  In short, I am GRATEFUL for all of this snow, especially since I prayed for it to happen.  I wanted a lot of snow.  I wanted there to be so much snow that my company would have to close down for a day or two and that’s exactly what happened!  I also noticed that I was on a manic high today which is something I haven’t been aware of for some time.  I came back from the store after it got dark, so the roads were icy, and after I unloaded everything and took some excess items to my neighbors as a thanks, I decided to try to get my back deck cleared —in snow that came up higher than mid-thigh on me!  Then, I decided to start the laundry once I cleared the snow away from the external vent. I continued to move on and start cooking dinner for myself, while changing the linens on my bed.  I finally started to crash from it and am now feeling very exhausted, but pleased with myself.

Recovery is a fickle woman.  Sometimes she is slow, deliberate and manageable.  Other times, she is fraught with challenges that accelerate our daily behaviors.  Having Bi-polar disorder in the mix, I have learned mindfulness techniques when my brain is going too much faster than my body.  I exercise, do my yoga, and sketch (I am teaching myself art therapy).

I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE A BETTER YEAR THAN LAST YEAR AND MAYBE A GREAT YEAR ALTOGETHER!!! I wish all who read this, the same…be prepared for a  better year and a better life in recovery!

Always remember this…there is HOPE and HELP AVAILABLE TO YOU, DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

Peace, love and blessings to all….

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