Money, Money, Money….

It is tight for most of us this time of the year.  We all wish we had the resources to gift everyone we know and love.  Our impulsive behavior as addicts comes out when we shop and we sometimes end up in buyer’s remorse.  Or we are depressed like many during the season for a myriad of other reasons.  Well I say BAH HUMBUG TO THAT!  If you can’t BUY IT, MAKE IT!  There are so many inexpensive ways to say Merry whatever to others during the season or to give selflessly through volunteer work.  Haven’t gone through that closet for awhile?  Time to go through those thirty-three pairs of shoes (which you don’t obviously wear all the time because you can’t balance on the stilettos anymore, and spike heels kill your feet by noon, let alone the end of the day!).  Yes, guys, this goes for YOU TOO!  I’m sure you have things you just DON’T USE ANYMORE.  Now is the time to downsize and share with others!  Favorite pair of jeans just sitting in the drawer or on the hanger toward the back of the closet because you can’t quite squeeze in?  Time to give the third-story jeans to someone who really needs them.  You have dishes you don’t use or jackets or sweaters, or even blankets and towels.

Hey, did you know that the dollar stores are the best place to shop on a budget along with the second hand stores?  Go donate some stuff.  If you need to buy someone a gift, use a book recycle drop.  Seriously, how many books do we have that we read and will never read again?  Or that we bought and will never read???  Second hand books are like a quarter or fifty cents.

I like to make things.  Last year I made a trivia game for my family.  I also made my sister placecards for her fancy dining room table for each member of the family.  I even came up with a FAMILY DATES CALENDAR one year and we still update it EVERY YEAR; it has all the birthdays, holidays, namesdays, anniversaries, etc. and believe me, everyone always asks me these questions, so it has been a life-saving gift.  There are lots of ways to make it through the holidays without going into debt and simultaneously being generous to others and giving of yourself.  Buy someone a meal.  Buy someone a tank of gas.  It all helps.

Now to wrap this up in recovery, I have promised this author to post his article on Employment when New to Addiction Recovery.  See Below and peace, love, blessings….

By Rufus Carter

New to Addiction Recovery_ Here_s How to Make Ends Without Working Full-Time

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