Eastern Seaboard Closure

As the insanity of a lifetime of recovery continues and I crossed the threshold of my first year of sobriety, or clean, from street heroin and prescribed narcotics, I am also faced with a trip to visit my mother-in-law who’s in failing health at age 93 and the opportunity to visit my late husband’s grave in upstate New York. I made it here after a rather grueling trip full of problems across the country.

I left my house and went to the office because I had to go to a meeting that I needed to not miss and was behind in my work already, but that’s neither here nor there. I left the office at 11am MST and stopped to pick up my prescription and a coffee and ran into my niece who I haven’t seen for months (this one is the one that lives in Vienna). Anyway, once I hit the road, I realized I was running late and thought I would miss my flight. So I called my best friend in Phoenix for help. I thought she could call to check and see if there was a later flight. I didn’t know that at the moment her granddaughter was undergoing surgery for the major cancer tumor she has been fighting for the past five months. I felt completely embarrassed and stupid. But my friend said that she needed something to do besides wait in the waiting room, so she took my confirmation number and said she would call me back.

She called me back a couple of minutes later and had the airline on the phone with us too. By then I was in be Santa Fe. When the ticket agent got back on the line she said she could change the ticket without charging me 800 dollars more after all. Whew! I was about to say “book it” until my friend said 6am. (Which would have meant leaving the following day and I just couldn’t do it). So, I thanked them both profusely and prayed to God intensely as I accelerated.

My friend called me back and said that I would have to call the airline when I got to the airport, because the agent she spoke to already booked my flight. Then she warned me to be careful and safe.

I got to my flight in time. I made it to Minneapolis. Unfortunately, the gate for the next flight was 2.1 miles across the airport. I had enough time to get to it though. I finally boarded and then we got stuck on the tarmac first for a long time and then on the runway for an even longer long time. By the time I got to New York, the rental car place was closed and I had to beg another company for their very last one.

Got to my final destination at 3am and it snowed today and raining all day and I had to take the rental car back to the airport to trade it for something smaller.

I want to get some closure on a few things on this trip but don’t know if I can. Will blog more about it when I can. I want to go to a meeting in this city too but I don’t know if I can make it work.

Peace, love, and blessings….

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