Winter Cold

It has been cold and rainy week and today the temperature really dropped so we are expecting our first snow fall tonight. There’s something about being home on a cold, rainy day that makes you lethargic and wanting to snuggle under a blanket and watch movies. But the lo tonight is predicted for 27 so really I need to drip the faucets so pipes don’t freeze.

I have been struggling with a bit of a sore throat all week and am not wanting that kind of winter cold. The heater is running and the dryer earlier too. It should be toasty warm in here, but the temperature outside is falling fast. Needless to say I’m praying for a snow delay tomorrow morning.

Got the laundry done and the floors mopped and the bills paid, so the day was somewhat productive.

Two things went unaccomplished… I never got to the gym for my workout and I didn’t pick up the mail from my mailbox. Will try to knock these out tomorrow.

Right now, step work time, as I continue my slow chisel through Step 4. I owe an update to my sponsor afterwards.

Peace, love and blessings to all. Stay cozy and safe.

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