Adventures in Power Shopping…

After a quick flight over to Phoenix, I waited for my luggage which mysteriously disappeared from the carousel for a while. Once I finally got it, I headed outside to meet my BFF only to be met by an oppressive humidity and buckets were dripping from my face.

She picked me up in her new Acura RDX and the starting gun fired, we were off and running… let the power shopping begin!!!

My BFF and I always go shopping together and silently compete for the title of Bargain of the day no matter where we are. It’s the grocery store… it’s the Goodwill, or the Macy’s. It doesn’t matter really because we have a blast regardless.

We have walked till our feet hurt, got nice relaxing pedicures, gone to church, meetings, and babysat her one year old granddaughter who has cancer.

It’s been a blessed weekend so far.

Peace, love and blessings….

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