The Rooms Tribe

Coming into the program was like joining a family. It reminded me of when I first dined with my late husband’s parents. I was so nervous and shy and determined to make a good impression. I really just hoped for unconditional love and acceptance.

Not surprisingly this is what I have been given in the rooms. Among many other things, I am also a registered Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux. But my real and true tribe is my peeps in the Santa Fe NA meetings. All these folks reached out to me in my pain and with both arms wide open, hugged me, accepted me as one of their own. They have loved me unconditionally. They’re my teachers and best friends. We laugh, we dine, we share –intimately and openly. We study. We engage…we connect.

We ARE the Tribulations and Triumphs tribe. We patiently wait for each other…all the while in a constant state of symbiosis and metamorphosis. We playfully push and pull one another along.

90 days!!! I can’t believe I made it to this benchmark.

Thank you tribe.

Peace, love and blessings to all who read this.

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