Pursuing a Dream in Recovery

This is a difficult thing when you are in recovery –pursuing anything–let alone a dream.  Your old active addiction behavior wants to continue with instant gratification, so as a result we still have no patience…although we may be getting better.

I said I would start improving by taking on one goal or concept at a time, one day at a time.  I set up this blog site and website for people including myself to share their stories of recovery (anything you want), from where you came from, to where you are.  I can only trust my higher power to spread its use.

I am also trying to make a conscious effort to slow down…in several areas of my life.  I am not concerned about others’ opinions about me; it’s not my business.  So I have started with my driving skills -trying to slow down a little there.  Slowing down on the quantity of appointments each day I am attending is another area.  At my job, slowing down on the number of tasks I try to complete simultaneously, seems impossible -but I’m working on it.

I plan to slow everything way, way down during the Christmas break so that I can enjoy, really enjoy my time with my kids.  As far as the other family drama goes, well there again, no es mi pollo.  I am trying to practice not owning any behavior that does not belong to me.  I am studying my DBT Skill workbook; especially the chapter on how to survive a crisis (this chapter should be called “How to Survive Your Family’s Drama and the Onslaught of Friends and Relatives During the Holidays”).

I always thought the best love-making happened when things went slow.  There must be some hidden meaning in that.  One thing I have been successful at is slowing down the spending this month.  Why should I go into major debt for presents which may be forgotten the next day?  I firmly believe it is about the quality time–NOT THE GIFTS.

The gift I am giving this year is the gift of love; the gift of NO RESENTMENTS the gift of forgiveness…the cost of these…priceless.

…And I plan to take my next step toward the goal…making a podcast for recovery.  STAY TUNED 😉

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