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There are so many people suffering in silence with this life-ruining, life-eliminating disease known as narcotic addiction.

My hope is that through a more connected and personal dialogue, those of us in recovery can help others to get to recovery.  THIS IS the number one killer these days.  It’s killing individuals (overdose, accidental or not), it’s killing families, communities (our state is overrun by the drug dealers), it’s killing our neighborhoods, our schools and our children.

The question now is…just WHAT WILL IT TAKE to get it under control?

Big Pharma will make sure to keep producing countless pills to make a blessed buck.  They will also make sure that treatment medicines, like Suboxone are exhorbitant; cost prohibitive and unavailable.  The training for Doctor’s to get the special licensing to dispense this medication in a sanctioned program is also ridiculously expensive, which is why there are so few licensed Doctors available and waiting lists have grown out of control.

Start fighting back.  To begin with, get help for yourself or your loved one.  There are good rehabs and bad ones, do your homework and I will post recommendations here too.  Get involved with Narcotics Anonymous or Al-anon to see how 12-step programs can help.  Have the hard conversations with children or family members; in the workplace or at church; on the bus or in the store.  Narcotics abuse is a one-way ticket to hell; to nowhere; to the abyss; the black hole.

As a registered voter support legislation that promotes tougher punishment for drug dealers.  Or move to Portugal where the focus is on change and rehabilitation and not on the war on drugs.  Either way get informed and stay informed.

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