Ranting and Reaching

Sorry. It seems I was on a manic high last blog post. I need to stay positive so I will tell you how I managed to make a funny mistake last week. This is what happens when we overload ourselves.

I have been juggling a scenario at work (discrimination and harassment is evidently running rampant), with also trying to complete paperwork from hell to get back into school, along with a (now) comedic delivery process of new furniture for my house, and taking care of my neighbor’s 77-year-old father.

After my home group meeting last Tuesday, I was home alone at night and in bed and kept hearing a thud sound outside my bedroom.

The neighbors and former tenants have been telling me that I have a Peeping Tom outside my house for a while and they all said that my other neighbor (on the other side of my house) has a high functioning autistic son who watches me at night through my windows.

So when I heard the thudding sounds, I thought it must be HIM and went and turned off all the lights in the house first, then went to check. I pressed my nose against the window and “thud” went the nose of a large DOE against the glass in my face!

There were, in fact, about three mule deer in my side yard munching on grass against my house! I jumped about 5 feet from the startle!

I didn’t want the only exercise I get to be jumping to conclusions so… I promptly admitted my error, asked for forgiveness and

Promised never to strip for the deer, or rush to judgment like that again!!!

I need to be reaching for recovery, not ranting about what isn’t working for me.

Peace, love and blessings to all….

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