Holding On ♫ ∞

How strange it seems that no ridiculous “I-Love-Lucy”-ish experience has befallen me this week, but I am confident something WILL HAPPEN.  I cancelled my root canal (part two) again, still waiting for the infection in the tooth to calm down, plus I have a new mouth trauma –I know you all will totally get this too:

The inside of my cheek is puffy inward (from the infection), so…I bit it hard, accidentally.  What comes next?  You bite it hard AGAIN!  AND IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT!!!  And AGAIN and AGAIN…so that now there is a lovely white sore there.  I would love to say that I am losing weight due to these problems –let’s call it the Dental Nightmare Diet.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any pounds make their exit yet.

Other than that, things have been…quiet.  EXCEPT:  This morning, as I was just getting ready to leave for work, this large plastic storage box that I keep on the desk next to my computer, which contains all the condolence cards from my late husband AND mother’s deaths, and letters of goodbye that I wrote to them, just FLEW OFF THE DESK and HIT THE FLOOR WITH A LOUD THUMP!  It really startled me – more accurately, it unnerved me. 

You see, I believe that those we lose can still contact us from wherever they are if they need to warn us or tell us something.  I know that sounds cheesy to a lot of you, but I have had several experiences as have other members of my family and friends we know, that cannot be explained rationally or scientifically.  So I take heed when the unusual happens.  There was no scientific reason that that storage box full of stuff should have gone off the desk to the floor.  So, I took it as a message and called to check on my mother-in-law, my children and my dad.  My dad did not answer so I am worried a little.

I agreed to go to a meeting off the hill tonight, against my better judgment, to support a home group member who is celebrating one year clean today.  (This is someone I have said that takes advantage of me and others, but I see it as an opportunity to forgive and let go).


So, my message back to those I love and lost is -yes I will pay attention to my family and be grateful, and I will be forgiving of others and let go of any negativity.

Peace, Love and blessings…and forgiveness.

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